LEANING R ® Salsas boast unique and rich flavors with the perfect combinations of southwest vegetables, tropical fruit, and herbs and seasonings. Our unique blends of sweet, savory and heat offer versatility across a wide range of menu and snacking choices. 


Serve LEANING R ® Salsas with your favorite tortilla chips or Mexican meal, with cream cheese and crackers, or for a sweet yet spicy garnish over seafood. We are proud to bring our unique southwest flavor to your table, and are confident LEANING R ® Salsas will be a hit for your party, game day or fine dining menu. Our salsas are also a great gift for your loved ones at holiday time, and any other time you have the desire to give!


LEANING R ® Salsas originated in Austin, Texas with our own recipe that has been perfected and shared with family and friends for more than 20 years. LEANING R ® brand products are manufactured and branded by P A Belle, LLC, an Austin based privately held food products company. We are proud to be a majority woman owned business, a GO TEXAN member, and most importantly, life-long Texans!